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Hear from Our Students

Group of students sitting around a table looking happily at the camera

Student looking at the camera, leaning on a railing

Meet Charlie from Taiwan, a new GSSP Student at UMass Boston

Part of the Global Student Success Program, Charlie just started his first year in the program and is enjoying the emotional support at UMass Boston, the friendly people, and the many cultures found in Boston.

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Student looking at the camera, leaning on a railing

Meet Meisi from China, a new GSSP Student at UMass Boston

Meisi is from China and she just started her first year in the Global Student Success Program (GSSP) at UMass Boston. She has appreciated the great location of the school and all of the help from GSSP including their excellent ESL program alongside many other international students who have become great friends.

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Student outside, smiling in front of green trees

Meet Rhema from India, a senior from UMass Boston majoring in Psychology

Being from Mumbai, Rhema loves everything about the city and Boston’s people and culture are a great fit. With 360 degrees of support from the Global Student Success Program including advisors, professors, and her peers Rhema has made the best friends thanks to the smaller class sizes. 

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Student looking off to the side, in a prestigious looking room

Meet Daniel from South Korea, a current student at UMass Boston

At UMass Boston Daniel has been able to meet new people, enjoy the support from the Global Student Success Program there, and gets to make new memories while having new experiences at this great school.

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Student in a university common area, smiling at the camera

Meet Shouaib from Saudi Arabia, a sophomore at UMass Boston

Shouaib chose UMass Boston because of the great faculty and has enjoyed how easy it is to make new friends at the school. The amazing Global Student Success Program advisors, which every student has, are there for you 24/7 and that also makes a difference.

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